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One of the benefits of taking part in the HR Analytics ThinkTank research is gaining free access to our exclusive ThinkTank webinars.
In this session, David Shontz, Head of Workforce Analytics and Organisation Management at Nokia and also Advisory Board Member of the HR Analytics ThinkTank, will be taking us through their analytics journey. 
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Madrid and Barcelona Meetups will join this time and celebrate our first Meetup online with Ironhack sponsorship. The session will be in Spanish and very informal, we have inveted some speaker to "have a beer" and talk about People Analytics.
You can register here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/pas-meetup

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This is a Toronto based (now virtual) HR event focused on people analytics. It started as a meetup and has expanded to a formal event called AnalyzeHR.  During this month's session, we have People Analytics professionals from Manulife Financial, Klick Health, & Sobeys discuss their work.  
To learn more and register, follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/analyzehr-july-2020-tickets-111680549530

RSVP here: https://forms.gle/wktuGKunVxi4Puqq9
Organizational Network Analysis (ONA);
HR Data is the key to analytics success
Marilyn Becker, Senior Director of People Analytics, from Western Digital Corporation who will talk to a recent application of ONA for 1,050 employees in a factory setting at Western Digital Corporation, including the objectives, approach that was taken and key insights.
Andrew Pitts, Founder and CEO of Polinode, provides an overview of organizational network analysis (ONA). He will touch on the advantages and disadvantages of passive vs active ONA and give a hands-on demonstration of generating insights using Polinode.
Jennice Price, Global HR Data Manager of Capital Group, for her entire career, has always been connected to the data side of HR. She will share her passion around the life cycle of employment data that helped her evolve into understanding core HR systems and the magic that connects all the dots.


On July 23rd we'll host another crossover meetup edition, with Nigel Dias (HR Analytics Think Tank, 3n Strategy) and Salvador Malo (Microsoft).
We'll be interviewing Nigel and Salvador about the growth of the discipline and the global community of the HR Analytics Think Tank, how HR Analytics can be developed within a company, and also, some insights from the Think Tank's research. Finally, we'll explore how People Analytics can deliver value through this Covid-19 situation.
The meeting will be host on July 23rd, at 12:00 PM (Buenos Aires time). It will be in English and then we'll share the recording with Spanish subtitles.
Find out more in our LinkedIn's group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13713128/

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