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  3. Note from the ThinkTank: In February, the HR Analytics ThinkTank released a milestone report, What Do Career Paths in HR Analytics Look Like?. Over the next few months we are releasing further mini-analyses based on the same data set, such as this analysis of HR analytics skills by Tanner Marcum below. What are the most common HR Analytics and People Analytics skills? What are the skills most commonly held by HR analytics (HRA) professionals? Are HRA professionals all statisticians? Do they have a variety of functional HR skills in addition to their assumed analytical abili
  4. How do we begin to round up such an inspiring month of key discussions, hours of networking and amazing presentations? It is only right to start with a huge thank you! Thank you to everyone who took the time out to get involved in #PeopleAnalyticsMonth2021. From the ThinkTank meetup organizers, to attendees, to the stable wifi that has managed to pull us though this strange year, we say thank you!It’s not always easy to connect in the virtual world, many of us have felt fatigued from the constant screen time. So it is always lovely when you, HR enthusiasts, still take the time to attend meetup
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    Do you want to start a Meetup community for your local community, bringing together HR and People Analytics practitioners and sharing stories, ideas and innovation? Every two month we host an call with myself and a few of the other meetup organisers to talk about running Meetups and how you can start your own community. In each session we cover: What is a Meetup? How do you start a meetup? How do you structure your sessions - and how can you use our speaker library to find more speakers and topics (for free)? How do you plan virtual and real-life events?
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    TO REGISTER TO THE EVENT PLEASE CLICK HERE. About this event On 6 July, the London HR and People Analytics Meetup looks forward to hosting an interactive virtual session with Keith McNulty, who returns to our stage as we celebrate the (physical) book launch of his Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics. About Speaker Mathematician, statistician, human capital analytics leader, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Psychometrician and Data Scientist in R an
  7. The Stamford Meetup convened on March 9th to continue our dialogue on best practices in data visualisation. Five participants were able to share their own “blinded” material for feedback from the group. Topics ranged from how best to summarize and display recruitment data to how one organization used social media data to better understand how recent events may have impacted their brand. A few key learnings from the group included the importance of knowing your audience in crafting visualizations and how effective change management activities play a large role in the work we all do in people
  8. Its the time again! The Birmingham People Analytics Meetup are meeting again in May. The date is 19th May 2021 at 6pm 🙂 via Zoom. It would be great to see you all there who are interested in People Analytics and the future of work. We will be discussing a big topic around Data Engineering! Max Blumberg and Alessandro Linari will be discussing this important topic.We have so much data but where do we put it!? how can we organise it!? this not only has been a problem for people in People Analytics but i believe it sure is a problem in HR too. If you want to join please follow the link below:
  9. En marzo tuvimos el #MeetupMonth también en Buenos Aires, y aprovechamos para hacer una presentación entre los organizadores del capítulo. Siendo el mes de la mujer, nuestra meetup tuvo 2 ejes: · Diversidad e inclusión · Gestión del cambio y People Analytics Dentro de diversidad e inclusión, Particia Hartvig nos comentó sobre los distintos tipos de diversidad. Además, reflexionamos sobre que el aspecto más importante de la diversidad es medirla. Medirla para garantizarla, para obtener una diversidad y así ser inclusivos.
  10. To celebrate People Analytics month in Mexico City Alejandra Felegrino, Federico Barcos von der Heide and Cristian Brehn shared their experiences in implementing People Analytics to make the Human Resources area a contribution center. We talked about how to achieve analytical maturity in organizations and how data alone has no value. The importance of creating an operational management model that can facilitate sustainability in the execution of analytical projects. During the session we talked about the tactical and strategic edge of People Analytics. The t
  11. People Analytic professionals from across the country had the opportunity to learn from Chief Talent Data Officer Tina Burke how Deloitte U.S. uses data-driven insights to strengthen their talent and business decisions. Deloitte is the world’s leading global provider of advisory and consulting services, and the virtual participants truly valued the information that was shared. Perhaps the most interesting comment made by Tina was the concept of self-efficacy; Deloitte professionals who truly believe in their own competency tended to be the most successful. Delivering this insight w
  12. On the 3rd March 2021, during #PeopleAnalyticsMonth, the Birmingham People Analytics Meetup had a social to reconnect with everyone in 2021. The meetup spoke about how things were going in peoples roles and how the current COVID-19 has affected their people analytics work. There were introductions because we had new people join the call and then we went into breakout rooms to network amongst ourselves. There was interesting topics discussed from data engineering, people analytics in power BI and doing people analytics the right way with the right tools. There was also a discussion
  13. To conclude a successful People Analytics Month, the London Meetup Group gathered virtually on the 30th of April to discuss the first topic of Career Paths in HR Analytics led by @Mike Ulrich @Jordan Pettman and myself. Initial focus was placed on the Career Path in HR Analytics Report with discussion on the types of participants within the study and general profiles of participant backgrounds. The discussion was then narrowed down to more niche topics such as what HR professionals do next and what we can tell about HR leaders, from the study results. Discussion was then opened up to the group
  14. Nigel estaba presente en nuestro tercer PAS (People Analytics Spain) Meetup, con lo que fue un buen augurio. Nigel Dias es el responsable del HR Analytics Think Tank más importante a nivel mundial que tiene por objetivo investigar la práctica de People Analytics y su industria, además de coordinar los Meetups del ámbito. La información que crea este Think Tank está dirigida a todos los profesionales para que puedan tomar mejores decisiones sobre las funciones que están construyendo y el valor que aportan a sus organizaciones. Pues bien, a las 19h en punto empezamos el e
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    Have you enjoyed all the HR and People Analytics meetups taking place during #PeopleAnalyticsMonth? Do you want to start a Meetup community for your local community, bringing together HR and People Analytics practitioners and sharing stories, ideas and innovation? Every two month we host an call with myself and a few of the other meetup organisers to talk about running Meetups and how you can start your own community. In each session we cover: What is a Meetup? How do you start a meetup? How do you structure your sessions - and how can you use our speaker library
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    No te pierdas esta oportunidad de conocer los principales retos y estrategias para implementar People Analytics, en el #PeopleAnalyticsMonth! La comunidad de People Analytics México organiza este panel de expertos en el marco de #PeopleAnalyticsMonth, con el objetivo de ser un espacio para que profesionales de Recursos Humanos y Gestión del Talento compartamos retos y buenas prácticas respecto al uso de analítica en nuestras organizaciones. Los temas sobre los que se conversará durante la sesión son: - El papel de la analítica para convertir a Recursos Humanos en u
  17. Southern California's People Analytics Meetup is coming up on Mar 16. It's a pleasure to have our guests Alison Omens, Andrew Fastow and Jeff Higgins exchange views on rules vs principles, creating transparency with Human Capital Reporting, especially in light of recent SEC requirements. RSVP here: https://lnkd.in/gyNKV2p Speaker bios: Jeff Higgins Adjunct Professor at USC, former CFO, and one of the creators of ISO Human Capital Reporting Standard #30414, advocate for Human Capital Reporting for the SEC Alison Omens Passionate connector of pe
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    In this new edition of the Buenos Aires People Analytics we'll review some projects, and discuss what's 2021 looks like for our discipline. Join in this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYscuusqjsjGtAvVSJlqH2dur7vYsvM3wfE
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    HR Analytics Ireland will be holding Meetup #4 on Wednesday March 24th at 9.30am GMT, hosted by Dr. @Sarah Kieran of the Kemmy Business School, UL and Dr. @Maria Belizon on the Smurfit Business School, UCD. We will be exploring what makes for a Successful HR Analytics Project with Prof. Dana Minbaeva, How to create Business Impact with Amy Randall and How to Manage the Business Problem of Staff Attrition with Ana Dinho. Link to register please click here.
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    Como ya es costumbre, la comunidad oficial de People Analytics Latinoamérica desarrollará un evento especial como parte de #PeopleAnalyticsMonth. En esta oportunidad estaremos conversando con especialistas de Perú, Ecuador y Colombia sobre el estado actual de la adopción de metodologías, herramientas y estrategias en analítica de personas en las distintas industrias. Nuestro objetivo es desarrollar un evento de alto nivel con profesionales destacados para generar y compartir nuevo conocimiento abierto para todos. ¡Los esperamos!
  21. In March 2021, HR and People Analytics organisers around the world are bringing their communities together as part of #PeopleAnalyticsMonth. With the same intent as last year's month our aim is to celebrate grassroots HR and people analytics meetup groups. We invite you to find and join a local/virtual community during the month. To see the current event schedule (more are being added as we speak), please check out the calendar. What is #PeopleAnalyticsMonth? Throughout the year meetup organisers around the world bring their communities together, usual
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    Resumen: Ya llega la primavera! Y con ella una nueva edición de nuestro PAS Meetup, nuestra comunidad sobre People Analytics de la que ya formamos parte más de 1000 miembros. En esta ocasión queremos empezar a dar algunos pasos juntos en el mudo de la analítica de Personas. Comenzaremos abordando cómo visualizar datos de Recursos Humanos en un dashboard utilizando PowerBI de la mano de la excelente (Ana Bisbe) para pasar a repasar los “basics” del storytelling porque, ¿qué es People Analytics sin contar una buena historia basada en datos?. Para esto contaremos con el experto (Igna
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