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    Hi all, I hope it's okay to introduce myself and to see if anyone has any advice for someone at my stage in their career. I have fulfilled my HR Administrator role for almost 3 years now which has given me a solid understanding of all aspects of the HR function. This experience has highlighted both my strengths and interest in People/HR Analytics. I am currently the go to person in my team for all reporting and I am responsible for producing our HR report for the COO and Board. Not only has this sparked my intrigue for discovering trends and the reasons behind them but it has also enabled me to present data in way that’s understanding and meaningful to its audience. I have always had strong numerical and problem solving skills and being able to use this to drive the people agenda is a very exciting prospect. I am looking to move to a role with a stronger analytical focus and was wondering if anyone had any tips for making this move? Many thanks, Lucy
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    Text:The presentation below was recorded at the Leeds (UK) HR and People Analytics Meetup. To find out about the next Leeds meetup, please visit our Meetup listings page or sign up to the ThinkTank's newsletter. If you would like to start your own meetup and would like to share it on the Forum, please let the @ThinkTank Admin know.During this session, @Antony Williamson (Head of HR Systems, NHS England), took participants through some of the challenges of doing HR analytics in the NHS.
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    In November 2019, Mark Howarth, Global Head of People and Culture Analytics, presented 'Starting a People Analytics Capability to Propel PMI’s Global Transformation', sharing their people and HR analytics story. If you have any questions, please post them below.Find out if there is a meetup near you by clicking here or for alerts straight to your inbox, please join the mailing list.
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