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  1. In March 2021, HR and People Analytics organisers around the world are bringing their communities together as part of #PeopleAnalyticsMonth. With the same intent as last year's month our aim is to celebrate grassroots HR and people analytics meetup groups. We invite you to find and join a local/virtual community during the month. To see the current event schedule (more are being added as we speak), please check out the calendar. What is #PeopleAnalyticsMonth? Throughout the year meetup organisers around the world bring their communities together, usual
  2. Meetup Details Meetup Name: Philadelphia People Analytics Meetup Location: Dublin and Limerick, Ireland Meetup Organisers: @Maria Belizon, @Sarah Kieran Inaugural Meetup: 2019 Tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you and what do you do? HR Analytics Ireland was founded by Dr. Maria Belizon of Smurfit Business School in University College Dublin with Dr. Sarah Kieran of the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. Both are academics in the area of HRM, Maria and Sarah had been researching various aspects of People and HR Analytics among Data
  3. Meetup Details Meetup Name: Philadelphia People Analytics Meetup Location: Philadelphia, USA Meetup Organisers: @Joe Grohovsky, Mike Guglielmo, Fiona Jamison, MacKenzie Breinlinger Inaugural Meetup: April 2020 Meetup URL: Please click here Tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you and what do you do? Joe Grohovsky – Sales Director, One Model. Joe provides guidance on leveraging data, technology, and artificial intelligence to provide insight into an organization’s workforce. Customers found this especially valuable as COVID forced their bu
  4. Meetup Details Meetup Name: London HR and People Analytics Meetup Community Location: London, UK Meetup Organisers: @Nigel Dias Inaugural Meetup: 6 March 2017 Meetup URL: Please click here Tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you and what do you do? I have been working in HR analytics and strategic workforce planning space for about 13 years, and have worked in most types of roles possible during that time, I think. I founded and manage 3n Strategy and am also the Chair and founder of the HR Analytics ThinkTank. I am incredibly passio
  5. Dharmesh Chauhan, Global HR Analytics Manager at Argus Media, is a people analytics and Microsoft PowerBI enthusiast. In December 2020 Dharmesh addressed the London meetup community to talk about Argus Media are using dashboards to help make better HR decisions.
  6. In December, Ioannis Nerantzakis, Global Business Intelligence Lead @ Lloyd's Register, addressed a virtual London meetup community and shared his tips for how your organisation can create strong data foundations. A detailed and insightful story, this presentation will be useful for anyone interested in processes related to data strategy and cleaning.
  7. until
    On 30 March, the London HR and People Analytics meetup will meet virtually once again as part of #PeopleAnalyticsMonth. This month we are delight to announce two talks: Firstly we will be featuring Gigi Oliver (HR Business Analyst @ FCA) sharing her experiences and stories of people analytics. Secondly, @Nigel Dias (that's me, MD of 3n Strategy and Chair of the HR Analytics ThinkTank) and @Jordan Pettman (Global Head of People Data, Analytics and Planning at Nestle and ThinkTank board member) will share the highlights from the latest research into Career Paths in HR analytics.
  8. Join the ThinkTank research team on 3 February as we host a webinar for our career pathing research. Please register here for more information. What does a career path through HR analytics look like? While many experiences and careers in HR analytics look very different, one commonality of many professionals working in the space is that the career path was never really considered. As an HR practice that has evolved rapidly in the last few years, we invited the HR analytics community to share their career experiences with our researchers, as we try to answer questions such as:
  9. From December 2020 the HR Analytics ThinkTank will allow any university in the world to get full access to our exclusive content for their active students. The ThinkTank library includes reports, webinars, and blog posts from HR analytics industry leaders and academics. We ask the HR lecturers or program directors to please complete this form to get access for your students! From the first time we shared our analysis of HR analytics functions in 2015, the HR Analytics ThinkTank has strived to produce content supported by evidence and a drive to share the insights with our co
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