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    In this new edition of the Buenos Aires People Analytics we'll review some projects, and discuss what's 2021 looks like for our discipline. Join in this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYscuusqjsjGtAvVSJlqH2dur7vYsvM3wfE
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    Hola! Estamos muy felices de anunciar nuestro próximo meetup el jueves 13 de Agosto, a las 14:00 hs.(ART) en nuestro ciclo Coffee Break & Analytics. En esta oportunidad vamos a entrevistar a Silvio Santander, Asistente Técnico de la Selección Nacional de Basket, subcampeona del mundo en el Mundial de Beijing 2019 y campeona de los Juegos Panamericanos de Lima 2019. También es impulsor del MétodoCABB, una metodología de enseñanza para categorías infantiles y juveniles. Con Silvio vamos a hablar sobre Smart Data, cultura de datos en el deporte, y de procesos.
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    This is the link to the event: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkfu-trz0qGtM3Y6oX685Y5z0bP1r6FLiG
  4. until
    On July 23rd we'll host another crossover meetup edition, with Nigel Dias (HR Analytics Think Tank, 3n Strategy) and Salvador Malo (Microsoft). We'll be interviewing Nigel and Salvador about the growth of the discipline and the global community of the HR Analytics Think Tank, how HR Analytics can be developed within a company, and also, some insights from the Think Tank's research. Finally, we'll explore how People Analytics can deliver value through this Covid-19 situation. The meeting will be host on July 23rd, at 12:00 PM (Buenos Aires time). It will be in English an
  5. Argentina’s Software Industry is been consistently growing during the last 10 years, if you read OPSSI’s reports (Observatorio Permanente de la Industria del Software y Servicios Informáticos), you can see a growth pattern in sales (with a record in 2017), becoming a strong player in the exports map. On top of that, this year Argentina has been acknowledged as a leading country in Tech Skills by Coursera. But somehow HR has not accompanied this trend. I’m taking a Master’s Course in Data Mining, in which 95% of the attendants are engineers.. We’re almost 90 students, and most of them ask
  6. This was my presentation to introduce the ONA subject, and its potential use for HR and companies. I showed the sources you can use to analyze relationships, and different graph metrics to analyze networks. These are the slides: ONA by Data 4HREsta fue mi presentación de Introducción al tema de ONA, y su potencial uso para RH y compañías. Conté cuáles son las potenciales fuentes de datos para analizar relaciones, y cuáles son las métricas para analizar los grafos.
  7. Gabriela Bouret is a Data Scientist, and was our non-HR speaker. She told us the story about how a traditional newspaper leveraged on data visualizations to boost articles and investigations, to become an awarded digital media.She also told us how their team is teaching journalists to use data to develop their own insights and their initial visualizations.She showed us different projects about Congress, Subway, Oil prices, and a supermarket calculator to estimate how much will you spend. It was interesting how they seek to develop reproducible projects, scrapping public information to automati
  8. Telecom Argentina has pioneered developing a People Analytics Area, using data to deliver insights to deliver business results and support decisions.Martin Juiz and Gustavo Bulgach shared how using a benefits assessment and linear regression model, helped them decide which benefits to maintain in a M&A process with a new company. Insights of using Analytics on engagement surveys, and new data sources that are producing to develop new projects. You can see their slides here: Telecom's presentationTelecom Argentina es una empresa pionera en desarrollar un área específic
  9. Guido Feld shared with us his experience designing a dashboard to track absenteeism adapting visualizations and details for different stakeholders. You can see his presentation here https://youtu.be/Tv0cUtIpBAE.And this is his dashboard. Guido Feld compartió su experiencia diseñando un dashboard para monitorear el ausentismo, adaptando las visualizaciones y los detalles para distintos stakeholders.
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