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  1. until
    Events of 2020 accelerated organizational focus on their workforce. There is a greater interest in examining the relationship between workforce programs and corporate performance. There is a greater expectation of transparency and public disclosures of workforce related information. The recent ruling from US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) added to the crowded space of measurement and reporting frameworks (such as International Integrated Reporting Council, International Standards Organization, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, etc.) The SEC replaced the narrow mandatory rule
  2. This is the recording of NYU People Analytics Meetup event on Jan 15th 2021 where we hosted a virtual tour with Keith McNulty and his new open source 'Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics’ Start the year with an opportunity to expand your knowledge about more advanced analytics techniques. You will hear in this video from Keith McNulty PhD about his own professional journey and do a deep dive into his recently released book on Regression Modeling in People Analytics. Keith describes how Regression Modeling is the true ‘Swiss army knife’ of People Analytics and is particularly su
  3. until
    Nothing can stop us from getting together for our usual summer social! This time we will use all the skills acquired over the past few months of physical (not social) distancing on how to run fun virtual events. We plan to have the typical components: networking, drinks (you will have to bring your own tho), supportive community (think about things you want to share or need help with), and of course - lots of fun! (times are EST) Register here: https://www.meetup.com/HRAnalyticsPros/events/272253056/
  4. We've announced the next meetup "Practical steps for adapting to the "next" (no longer new) work normal"It is a time of crisis, economic, health, justice, human crisis. We are in the middle of a pandemic, a national outrage and struggle for social justice, and entering the hurricane season. Can we get a break!? I hope all of you and everyone in your family, community, organization, and neighborhoods are staying safe and healthy.Excited to announce our next virtual meetup to discuss stories and practical steps on how organizations are adapting to the new reality. We are excited to have a brilli
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