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    The Human Resources function is changing drastically. Once mainly administrative and transactional, the use of HR analytics has reshaped it into one that has transformational and strategic influence. New technology now provides people professionals with access to critical data and insights about the workforce, which can be analyzed to make better business and people decisions for the future. This AnalyzeHR event will have experts in the field provide insight into using data and technology to improve employee experiences, build trust and empathy with employee feed
  2. until
    This is a Toronto based (now virtual) HR event focused on people analytics. It started as a meetup and has expanded to a formal event called AnalyzeHR. During this month's session, we have People Analytics professionals from Manulife Financial, Klick Health, & Sobeys discuss their work. To learn more and register, follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/analyzehr-july-2020-tickets-111680549530
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