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  1. In this webinar @Angela Ignam Mathon (Head of People Analytics) and Byron Hagen (Head of HR Systems) at Aviva talk the ThinkTank community through their people analytics strategy.
  2. The Global Community Content library is an open area of the ThinkTank site where anyone can add content for other people to access, read and use. It is completely open and anyone can add content - although there are some general rules (below). This blog is a quick guide to explain how to add content to the site. Rules for Global Community Content There are only two rules to adding content to the global library: You are responsible for having the rights to post the content. Any sales content will be removed. How to Upload Content to the Community Content Library Step One: Go to the Community Content Library and click "Add New Content" (Click Here) Step 2: Enter a Title and the Text for the Content Note 1: If you are posting a video from Vimeo or YouTube, you can just put the video URL and it will load as a video! Note 2: You can tag other site members by using "@". For example, @Johann Friedrich Gauss. Step Three: Complete the other fields Note: If you need a new Content Type, Topic Category or Language, please use "Other" and let us know by messaging @HR Analytics ThinkTank. We will add the new category and update it for you. If it is older content, you might need to add the date it was original recorded or written, and who is featured in the video. Step 4: Agree to the Disclaimers, add a Banner (Recommended) and hit "Save" Tip: If you do not have a banner, we will add one when we post it. And that's it... The video should appear in the library immediately! Thank you for adding it!
  3. Over the last two years, our research community (and the users of our Forum) have grown significantly, as has the content available for them to access. Each piece of content hopefully has the potential to help an HR analytics practitioner think differently either about their function or their career - but like a good dashboard or report, we need to make it easier for them to experience this evidence in the first place. To do this, we are happy to launch the new HR Analytics ThinkTank Forum. How do you access this new site? If you are reading this blog, you are already on it! If you had a user on the old site, check your inbox for your new login details... The new Forum has many nice and useful features, and we'll be rolling out more and more over the summer. For now though, what might you want to check out? Here are our top 4 favourite features of the new platform... 1. Get updates more easily in the News and Updates section Want to read the latest articles about the ThinkTank research or news about the industry? This is the section for you. Everything on this page is curated by the core ThinkTank team and is the best way to stay generally up-to-date with research activities. 2. Access Exclusive ThinkTank Content more easily As you probably know, there is no financial cost for accessing any of our content, however some content is exclusive to people who have contributed their knowledge and experiences to some of the ThinkTank research. Anyone who has taken part in any of our research, you should be able to explore the exclusive webinars and downloadable reports in this section. 3. Keep Up to Date with Events Want to keep up to date with ThinkTank events, and up-to-date with HR and people analytics meetups taking place around the world? Most pages on the ThinkTank now contain a calendar so that you can always stay in the loop with upcoming opportunities to improve your knowledge and grow your network. 4. New Community Content Library Over the last two years, Meetup organisers have been contributing videos and presentations to our ThinkTank library. This library now contains examples of attrition modelling, ONA, text analysis and even a selection of non-HR analytics events. The new Community Content library allows anyone in the world to add their contributions to this massive free resource section, and allows library users to filter depending on the content type, topic and also language! That's it for now, we hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for further features or site areas we could create, please suggest it in the Forum Suggestion section. We're open to anything, so please let us know.
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