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    Have you enjoyed all the HR and People Analytics meetups taking place during #PeopleAnalyticsMonth? Do you want to start a Meetup community for your local community, bringing together HR and People Analytics practitioners and sharing stories, ideas and innovation? Every two month we host an call with myself and a few of the other meetup organisers to talk about running Meetups and how you can start your own community. In each session we cover: What is a Meetup? How do you start a meetup? How do you structure your sessions - and how can you use our speaker library
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    Join us in December as we host Assistant Professor @Mike Ulrich and other members from the HR Analytics ThinkTank research team as we discuss the highlights from our recent career path research, and formally launch the report to the community. In September nearly 300 HR and people analytics professionals took part in our research, contributing their career experience through surveys and even sharing their CVs, so that we could analyse the industry as a whole. Our aim is to provide free insights and evidence so that our community can make better choices about their own careers.
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    In exchange for taking part in HR Analytics ThinkTank research, and sharing your knowledge and experiences with our research teams, you will join our community and get access to exclusive content and reports - including this webinar. In this webinar, @Angela Ignam, Head of People Analytics at Aviva and Board Advisor to the HR Analytics ThinkTank, and Byron Hagen, Head of HR Systems, will be taking us through their HR data journey. During the webinar we will hear: How has Aviva been investing in HR and people analytics? How HR and people analytics is being used to help
  4. The Global Community Content library is an open area of the ThinkTank site where anyone can add content for other people to access, read and use. It is completely open and anyone can add content - although there are some general rules (below). This blog is a quick guide to explain how to add content to the site. Rules for Global Community Content There are only two rules to adding content to the global library: You are responsible for having the rights to post the content. Any sales content will be removed. How to Upload Content to the Community
  5. Over the last two years, our research community (and the users of our Forum) have grown significantly, as has the content available for them to access. Each piece of content hopefully has the potential to help an HR analytics practitioner think differently either about their function or their career - but like a good dashboard or report, we need to make it easier for them to experience this evidence in the first place. To do this, we are happy to launch the new HR Analytics ThinkTank Forum. How do you access this new site? If you are reading this blog, you are already on it! If yo
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    One of the benefits of taking part in the HR Analytics ThinkTank research is gaining free access to our exclusive ThinkTank webinars. In this session, David Shontz, Head of Workforce Analytics and Organisation Management at Nokia and also Advisory Board Member of the HR Analytics ThinkTank, will be taking us through their analytics journey. To Register for the event please click here.
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