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Found 3 results

  1. HR Analytics ThinkTank

    How to Run an HR and People Analytics Meetup

    Do you want to start a Meetup community for your local community, bringing together HR and People Analytics practitioners and sharing stories, ideas and innovation? Every two month we host an call with myself and a few of the other meetup organisers to talk about running Meetups and how you can start your own community. In each session we cover: What is a Meetup? How do you start a meetup? How do you structure your sessions - and how can you use our speaker library to find more speakers and topics (for free)? How do you plan virtual and real-life events? How do you get more people to attend your community's events - and how can the HR Analytics ThinkTank share your events with our global community (for free)? Running a Meetup is not easy - but it does not have to be really hard either. We cannot run your group for you, but by bringing together Meetup organisers, creating a support group and providing you with free support materials and marketing support, hopefully we can encourage HR and People Analytics meetups to exist all around the world. To register your details, please complete this form.
  2. Mei Kim LA Meetup

    Southern California People Analytics Meetup

    2020, a great year of meetups and connecting with our wonderful People Analytics community. What better way than to end 2020 by coming to our last meetup of the year on Dec 1, a Predictive Turnover THROWDOWN. Preetha Ghatak Mukharjee, Shweta Patil, Steve X. Gao and Tomeka Hill-Thomas, PhD face-off in our Dec Meetup for the best predictive turnover approach. Listen to feedback from our celebrity judges, Cyriac Mathew, Cara Davies and Ryan Hammond. Audience... you have the final vote for your favorite contestant! RSVP: https://lnkd.in/dvAs9iA
  3. RSVP here: https://forms.gle/wktuGKunVxi4Puqq9 Organizational Network Analysis (ONA); HR Data is the key to analytics success Marilyn Becker, Senior Director of People Analytics, from Western Digital Corporation who will talk to a recent application of ONA for 1,050 employees in a factory setting at Western Digital Corporation, including the objectives, approach that was taken and key insights. Andrew Pitts, Founder and CEO of Polinode, provides an overview of organizational network analysis (ONA). He will touch on the advantages and disadvantages of passive vs active ONA and give a hands-on demonstration of generating insights using Polinode. Jennice Price, Global HR Data Manager of Capital Group, for her entire career, has always been connected to the data side of HR. She will share her passion around the life cycle of employment data that helped her evolve into understanding core HR systems and the magic that connects all the dots.
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