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Meet the Meetup: London

Nigel Dias


Meetup Details

Meetup Name: London HR and People Analytics Meetup Community

Location: London, UK

Meetup Organisers: @Nigel Dias

Inaugural Meetup: 6 March 2017

Meetup URL: Please click here




Tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you and what do you do? 

I have been working in HR analytics and strategic workforce planning space for about 13 years, and have worked in most types of roles possible during that time, I think. I founded and manage 3n Strategy and am also the Chair and founder of the HR Analytics ThinkTank. I am incredibly passionate about data-driven decision-making - not just in HR but obsessively across my entire life. I am driven by a belief that if everyone made better decisions then the world would be a better place. 


Tell us a bit about your community. When did it start? What makes it awesome? 

The London community began as a room of maybe 10-15 people in a backroom near Old Street in 2017. According to Eventbrite, we've had over 800 different people register for our events over time although there is a core of 50-100 regulars who are the heart of our community. The reason I think our community is awesome is probably because everyone in the room is always so optimistic and excited for what analytics can do, and they are all so willing to share and discuss ideas. 


Why do people attend your meetup? What do you hope your community gets out of the sessions?

We encourage a diversity of practitioner at our meetups. in the traditional sense but also the type of crowd and speakers. We always try to have an 'accessible' HR story that everyone can enjoy, an intimidatingly technical presentation because nerds need content too, and when we can, a non-HR data science story to inspire us from other industries. These aren't conference presentations so they are sometimes a bit less polished and a bit too 'real', but let's hope that is part of the charm! Hopefully people hear an interesting story and maybe we can inspire a new type of HR analytics that no one has thought of before!


Why do you think other people should start running their own HR and people analytics meetups?
Personally, I think running a meetup is easy. As long as you are passionate about analytics and also community and bringing people together, you're over half way there. The rest of it is being organised. In a way it is a bit like running a business - have a plan and do it. And of course, the ThinkTank will help you, if it can!





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