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    Birmingham People Analytics Meetup Highlights

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    People Analytics Birmingham  (www.meetup.com/birmingham-people-analytics-meet-up) held its First People Analytics Meetup on Wednesday 28th October 2020 via Zoom. We were lucky to have HR and People Analytics professionals joining us via zoom from the UK and he US. We had a guest speaker Matthew Mee (Director, Workforce Intelligence at Emsi UK) was our guest speaker.  Matthew Spoke about what people analytics is, current state of the labour market and what the demand of people analytics is. We also broke into discussions every 15 - 20 minutes and talked about a variety of people analytics topics which focused on the journey of the HR and People Analytics functions and what the future may hold. Below is a list of some of the topics that we discussed during this meetup: 


    People Analytics Room 101 (Matthew Mee Presenting) 

    - People Analytics industry is worth $2.5 Billion 

    - The industries is made up with Technology & Innovation, Management Consulting, Training and education and Research & Though Leadership. 

    - Why do we do people analytics? Workforce ROI, shareholder returns, revenue per employee, improving service, competitive advantage, enabling scale & growth and customer advocacy

    - People Analytic is about using workforce data and people data to solve people problems

    - Mitigating Risk - Manage costs, risk register, due diligence and employee turnover etc

    - Monitoring compliance - Legislative compliance, ethics and audit etc 

    Business Critical Measures 

    - ISO standards for people analytics - Awareness is not great and there is a view that the ISO standards have not landed very well 

    - Top 5 people measures - 1. Business critical turnover, 2. Total cost of workforce as a % revenue & profit. 3 - Expenditure & ROI on L&D, 4. Impact of engagement on productivity.

    5. Perceptions of leadership and culture by employees.  

    - Shared a business impact of people analytics case study (in recording/slides)

     Tech you probably know about? 

    - Who are the data aggregators? data creators?  Frequent analysis? 

    Case studies and communities (in recording/slides)



    - Technology vendors have exploded within people analytics e.g. Visier 

    - There has been a mad rush on how we manage a remote workforce and what data we need? There is a lot of data capture demand and there is a feeling that there will be a bigger need for people analytics in the future

    - Vendor solutions - do you see organisations investing more on these specialist platforms or organisations integrating within the business corporately? It seems to be difficult to get a business case together when some vendors cant facilitate other parts of the business

    - The whole impact of the current situation of covid-19 will have an impact on People Analytics and how do we keep pushing the People Analytics agenda within our organisations? (answer in the recording) 

    - The pandemic will force HR to get their act together in the People Analytics field

    - During the survey conducted by HR Analytics Think Tank there was 66% of functions that took part believed they were not being used to their full potential. There seemed to be a disconnect between the HR and the People Analytics function

    - People Analytics Projects need to be well matched to your audience which will increase the success in your projects 


    Labour Market Data (Matthew Mee Presenting) 

    - Unemployment up 4.5% this year compared to the financial crisis at 6.7% in 2009

    - Forecasts for future unemployment is 9% - 13% 

    - OECD Forecast: Single & Double Hit Unemployment Rate 

    - UK Claimant Count Change - Biggest increase in London followed by West Midlands and Scotland

    - Total cost of the furlough scheme £41.4bn, 9.6m employees were on furlough at some point

    - Redundancies - Covid redundancies 227,256 compared to 2008/9 - 311,494

    - The future? worrying times but December data maybe key for the true impact of CJRS to JSS

    Job creation will be critical during these worrying times

    - There is a demand for key worker roles at the moment


    HR Tribes and families (Matthew Mee Presenting) 


    - EMSI are conducting research with Josh Bersin's academy

    - Using EMSI's skill language to analyse the world of HR to define career pathways within the HR world

    - There is a lot of statistical work being done on this research 

    - It will be interesting to see what skills are needed for people analytics roles 

    - There has been a big demand for people analytics this year and largely  from the technology companies

    - The pay range for the people analytics roles is £30k to over £200k with a median salary of £45k

    - Key skills for the people analytics roles are Excel, R and Python etc 


    Any future points can be found in the recording of the meetup via the zoom link below:




    Topic: Strategic Workforce Planning, People Analytics Strategy, Other
    Date Published: 01/01/1970

  • Upcoming Events

    • 09 March 2021 05:00 PM
      Join @Anna Marley to continue the conversation on Visualizing People Data. This months meetup will be a continuation of the January event where all attendees will have the opportunity to share their latest work on visualizing people data with fellow HR Enthusiasts.  
      There will also be time to connect with other HR enthusiasts and network at the meet.  
      We look forward to seeing you all on the 9 March at 5pm EST 
    • 16 March 2021 04:00 PM Until 05:30 PM
      Connect with @Joe Grohovsky at his “Applying Data Science and Technology to drive talent decisions” PA meetup. Joined by Tina Burke, Deloitte's Chief Data Officer (Talent), Tina shares how the world's premier consulting organization generates data-driven insights for talent and business decisions. 
      The intent of this meetup is to share best practices and serve our growing community of senior leaders and analysts who are building their people analytics teams and expanding their capabilities.  
      We look forwards to seeing you on the 16 March at 4pm EST 
      Participants must register at:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-philadelphia-people-analytics-meet-up-tickets-141707844979
    • 16 March 2021 06:00 PM Until 07:30 PM
      Events of 2020 accelerated organizational focus on their workforce. There is a greater interest in examining the relationship between workforce programs and corporate performance. There is a greater expectation of transparency and public disclosures of workforce related information. The recent ruling from US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) added to the crowded space of measurement and reporting frameworks (such as International Integrated Reporting Council, International Standards Organization, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, etc.) The SEC replaced the narrow mandatory rule to disclose the number of employees with the requirement that “to the extent such disclosures would be material to an understanding of the registrant’s business taken as a whole,” companies must provide a “description of the registrant’s human capital resources, including the number of persons employed by the registrant, and any human capital measures or objectives that the registrant focuses on in managing the business (such as—depending on the nature of the registrant’s business and workforce—measures or objectives that address the development, attraction and retention of personnel)”.

      How should the determination about materiality be made? What is the criteria and the process by which the decision on what should be disclosed is made? What should be disclosed in more qualitative, narrative terms vs in more quantitative ones? How should the relationship between the two be represented? How do you determine what measurements to focus on? How do you make sense and reconcile requirements across different frameworks? What are the expectations of investment community in terms of materiality? What information the Board of Directors needs to ensure it fulfills its role as it relates to the human capital management? What your senior leadership needs to know to ensure the workforce related outcomes are tracked and managed appropriately?

      These and many more related questions are important areas where People Analytics practitioners will inevitably be involved and have to provide data, insights, and help the HR and business leaders quantify the results.

      We are thrilled to introduce our panel of experts who will help us answer some of these questions:

      - Mary Morris, Investment Officer at California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS)
      - Dr. Solange Charas, co-author of The Conference Board Report "Brave New World: Creating Long-term Value Through HC Management and Disclosure."
      - Larry Beeferman, the co-author of the "The Materiality of Human Capital to Corporate Financial Performance" and

      Join this event to dive into different aspects of disclosure requirements, the growing importance of human capital management, and effective ways to get involved in communicating and disclosing human capital management related information.   To register for the event please click here.
    • 16 March 2021 08:30 AM
      Southern California's People Analytics Meetup is coming up on Mar 16. It's a pleasure to have our guests Alison Omens, Andrew Fastow and Jeff Higgins exchange views on rules vs principles, creating transparency with Human Capital Reporting, especially in light of recent SEC requirements.

      RSVP here: https://lnkd.in/gyNKV2p
      Speaker bios:
      Jeff Higgins
      Adjunct Professor at USC, former CFO, and one of the creators of ISO Human Capital Reporting Standard #30414, advocate for Human Capital Reporting for the SEC
      Alison Omens
      Passionate connector of people and ideas, she works at the intersection of business, markets, and policy to create more balance in the economy and in corporate America 
      Andrew Fastow
      Investor with KeenCorp, former Enron CFO and convicted felon, discusses rules vs. principles, his argument that someone can follow the rulebook and still fail to do the right thing
    • 18 March 2021 06:00 PM Until 07:00 PM
      In this new edition of the Buenos Aires People Analytics we'll review some projects, and discuss what's 2021 looks like for our discipline.
      Join in this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYscuusqjsjGtAvVSJlqH2dur7vYsvM3wfE
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