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    Anna Marley

    Data Visualisation with the Stamford Meetup

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    The Stamford Meetup convened on March 9th to continue our dialogue on best practices in data visualisation. Five participants were able to share their own “blinded” material for feedback from the group.  Topics ranged from how best to summarize and display recruitment data to how one organization used social media data to better understand how recent events may have impacted their brand.  A few key learnings from the group included the importance of knowing your audience in crafting visualizations and how effective change management activities play a large role in the work we all do in people analytics. 


    The “round table” approach that we adopted in 2020, where we select a topic and dive into it in detail during the session, continues to provide our group with great content and momentum.  This informal setting has allowed all the chance to participate, which has in turn helped us to build stronger relationships with each other.  We’re looking forward to our next session (to be scheduled in May/June) that will dive into D&I reporting and analytics in more detail.  We always enjoy seeing new faces and hope that others will consider joining one of our upcoming sessions!


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    Date Published: 01/01/1970

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