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  • Federico Barcos
    Federico Barcos

    Mexico City People Analytics Meetup - March 2021

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    To celebrate People Analytics month in Mexico City Alejandra Felegrino, Federico Barcos von der Heide and Cristian Brehn shared their experiences in implementing People Analytics to make the Human Resources area a contribution center.


    We talked about how to achieve analytical maturity in organizations and how data alone has no value. The importance of creating an operational management model that can facilitate sustainability in the execution of analytical projects.


    During the session we talked about the tactical and strategic edge of People Analytics.


    The tactics related to data and technology. Important axes that arise in companies that are just beginning their analytical journey. We review the barriers that exist in HR on the topic 'data' and, how sometimes it is a management or conceptual limitation to start a project and the place that technology occupies in this type of project.


    We also address more strategic issues related to how to articulate a value chain that starts with defining a business question that can be answered from a people perspective. We emphasized that People Analytics is a diagnostic phase and needs a work plan to deliver value.



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    Date Published: 01/01/1970

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