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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    VIDEO: Andrew Marritt on Text Analytics

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    At the London HR and People Analytics meetup on 12 May, we were delighted to invite @Andrew M to host a talk on #TextAnalysis. Andrew is one of the leading experts on the subject, and gave a great presentation spanning the high level and technical depths of this valuable analytical practice.

    If you want to understand what #TextAnalytics is, how it works and how it can be applied, this is a great presentation to watch.

    Edited by Nigel Dias

    Topic: Text Analytics and NLP
    Date Published: 05/12/2020

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    • 26 March 2024 03:00 PM Until 04:00 PM
      One of the benefits of taking part in the HR Analytics ThinkTank research is gaining free access to our exclusive ThinkTank webinars.
      On Tuesday 26rd March, join our expert speaker, Matt Harrison, Head of People Analytics Europe & Latin America at Ericsson, as he discusses how historical data transforms the landscape of Talent Acquisition and can make your current people analytics strategies more effective and less reliant on guesswork.
      In particular, Harrison will explore and demonstrate:
      Efficiency in Talent Acquisition: Practical strategies you can use to streamline your TA operations, leading to increased recruiter satisfaction and better hiring results.
      The Crucial Role of Team Dynamics in TA: Gain insights into how team dynamics play a pivotal role in recruitment and how they are integrated effectively in the Hiring Manager/Recruiter dialogue.
      Empowering your Recruiters: How to equip your recruitment team with actionable insights, leading to more informed strategies and successful hiring outcomes.
      To Register for March's webinar please click here.
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