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    Andy Charlwood

    VIDEO: Professor Sharna Wiblen talks about talent

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    The presentation below was recorded at the Leeds (UK) HR and People Analytics Meetup. To find out about the next Leeds meetup, please visit our Meetup listings page or sign up to the ThinkTank's newsletter. If you would like to start your own meetup and would like to share it on the Forum, please let the @ThinkTank Admin know.

    During this session, @Sharna Wiblen (Assistant Professor at the University of Wollongong,Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, and research partner of the HR Analytics ThinkTank), took participants through her research on the way organisations think about talent.



    Topic: Learning and Development, People Analytics Strategy
    Date Published: 05/21/2019

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      Running a Meetup is not easy - but it does not have to be really hard either. We cannot run your group for you, but by bringing together Meetup organisers, creating a support group and providing you with free support materials and marketing support, hopefully we can encourage HR and People Analytics meetups to exist all around the world.
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