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  • Yanitsa Ilieva
    Yanitsa Ilieva

    VIDEO: Sofia Chapter MeetUp 5 How to extract additional value from employee satisfaction surveys?

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    Ready to dive into this case study powered by Apostol Mushmov and HR & People Analytics Sofia Chapter?

    If your answer is yes, then click below to watch the video recording of the online meetup #5.




    We like sharing and this is why we also attached the slide deck for the curious ones:)

    About out guest lecturer:

    Apostol Mushmov has a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. With initial strong academic background from the University of Greenwich London and then moving to business. He has more than 15 year of professional experience in the field of Data science and advanced analytics. The mathematical modeling projects he was being part of involves different industrial domains such as telco, insurance, banking, etc. At the moment he is doing a PhD research in the field of Business Administration with a very interesting subject of “Gamification for employee motivation”.

    Topic: Engagement
    Date Published: 01/01/1970

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