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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    VIDEO: What can we learn from a sports and social media data scientist

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    During the London HR and People Analytics meetup on 16 January 2019, Stylianos Kampakis, Data Scientist at Brandtix, gave us a talk on how he uses social media data, and player/skills data, to predict commercial values and similar.

    During the talk, he touches on different ways of measuring performance and potential (from traditional HR methods, at least) and a lot more. Can it inspire us to think of new ways of measuring performance? Or new ways of thinking about employer branding? Or even our own professional brands?

    To find out about meetups in your area, check out the events listings page.

    Edited by Nigel Dias

    Topic: Non-HR
    Date Published: 01/16/2019

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