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HR Analytics ThinkTank Webinar: The Aviva People Analytics Journey


HR Analytics ThinkTank
ThinkTank Webinar Series

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In exchange for taking part in HR Analytics ThinkTank research, and sharing your knowledge and experiences with our research teams, you will join our community and get access to exclusive content and reports - including this webinar.
In this webinar, @Angela Ignam, Head of People Analytics at Aviva and Board Advisor to the HR Analytics ThinkTank, and Byron Hagen, Head of HR Systems, will be taking us through their HR data journey. 
During the webinar we will hear:

  • How has Aviva been investing in HR and people analytics?
  • How HR and people analytics is being used to help HR decision-making at Aviva?
  • What foundations your function might want to consider investing in?


To register for the event, please click here.

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