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London Meetup: People Analytics Careers Night


Nigel Dias
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As part of #PeopleAnalyticsMonth, on 15 March the London People Analytics Community and the HR Analytics ThinkTank are hosting a People Analytics Careers Day (or evening!). 


Recently the ThinkTank has been focusing on careers and skills. Last year we analysed over 300 people analytics professionals CVs and skills data. This year we launched our global job board. We want to better understand what career paths people analytics professionals take, and share with the global community any evidence and insights we find.


At the Meetup we want to share some of those insights, and host a panel of experience People Analytics practitioners explaining what they do in their jobs. The agenda:

  1. Research: What Skills do People Analytics Professionals have? 
  2. Panel: What do Heads of People Analytics actually do?
  3. Smart Networking: Learning From Each Other
  4. Panel: What do People Analytics Consultants, Data Scientists, Product Leaders and Analysts actually do?


Register here: https://3ns.co/londoncareer 


All ticket sales will go to GirlsWhoCode.


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