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Report Launch: How do HR Analytics teams select analytics technologies and solutions?


Nigel Dias
ThinkTank Webinar Series

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Join the HR Analytics ThinkTank, as we launch our latest report, 'How do HR Analytics teams select analytics technologies and solutions?'.

Led by Assistant Professor María Jesús Belizón Cebada (PhD) from the University College Dublin, the report is based on the contributions of 200 people analytics functions from around the world, and addresses questions such as:

  1.  How do organisations decide on HR technologies and solutions?
  2. To what extent are these decisions conditioned by existing legacy systems or best practices implemented by competitors and recommended by consultants?
  3. Do certain combinations of technologies and solutions render different HR analytics insights?

In this webinar, Dr Belizon will take us through some key highlights from the report, with commentary provided by Nigel Dias (Chair of the HR Analytics ThinkTank).

The Digital Report will be available to read by anyone who took part in the research, or anyone who has taken part in other ThinkTank research projects, via the ThinkTank's research platform: https://3ns.co/ttcontent

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