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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    Announcing: The HR Analytics ThinkTank's Global Job Board

    In January 2022, HR Analytics ThinkTank is launching a free Global Job Board to share job opportunities with the global community, and further our research in analytics jobs.


    The purpose of the HR Analytics ThinkTank is to generate free evidence so that HR analytics leaders can make better choices about the functions they are building, and so that HR and people analytics individuals in general can make better choices about their careers. We've decided to combine our approach to industry research with a desire to promote industry jobs and growth by launching a Global Job Board.


    Why has the ThinkTank created a Job Board?

    There are two main reasons for the decisions. Firstly, it feels like there is simultaneously an explosion of people analytics jobs on the market, which is resulting a jump in inbound queries from people asking if we know any job openings. Hopefully the job board will help functions find the perfect person for the role, and people will find the perfect job they are looking for.


    Secondly, we believe that by studying job specification data we could do some interesting research on people analytics jobs, and answer some interesting industry questions. By collecting the full job specification on the Job Board, after 6-12 months we will analyse the data, looking for trends (sharing any interesting insights that we find with people to take part in our research as usual).


    What will the job data be used for? What research project will the data help?

    In 2021, 300 analytics professionals shared their careers experiences and their CVs with our researchers, so that we could answer questions about ‘What does a career path in HR analytics look like?’. We hope that HR leaders were better able to understand the HR analytics roles, what backgrounds to look for in hiring analytics professionals, and more. After that over 100 professionals shared their skills profiles so that we could answer ‘What skills are associated with successful people analytics practitioners?’. The outputs from these reports hopefully allow analytics leaders to better design the roles in their functions, and help individuals better plan the skills they need to build to progress.


    The Job Board is another project in this stream of work. By collecting information stored on job specifications, we will be able to collect information on job titles, responsibilities, requirements and more. Whilst we do not know the exact questions will attempt to answer in 12 months time, we believe these are strong possibilities for blogs and posts:

    1. What is the variation in job titles for the same fundamental role?
    2. What requirements are employers looking for in people data scientists (and any other people analytics role)?
    3. What types of responsibilities is a people analytics partner (or other role) typically tasked with delivering?
    4. What is the ‘perfect’ job specification for a people analytics leaders look like (or other role)?


    We also expect to compare these insights with our insights on CVs, skills, functional maturity and growth. As always these insights will be provided for free with anyone who contributes to our different research projects.


    A special note is given to the salary information. This will never be shared with job applicants, but if enough participants submit this information, we will attempt to create some benchmarks. However these may only be shared with people who contribute to the benchmark.  


    Next Step: Post Your Job or Look for Jobs

    If this sounds interesting to you, then here are the next steps...

    1. Are you searching for applicants? Post your job on the Job Board right now by clicking here.
    2. Are you searching for jobs? Check out the job board opportunities by clicking here.



    Frequently Asked Questions (So Far)

    What does it mean that the Job Board is in 'beta'?

    We're calling saying the board is in 'beta' mode for now, as we'll probably need to make changes to the board going forward. We also need to test the interest in a job board in general and whether it is something that the community will find useful in the long-term, and also if it collects the data we need to produce interesting insights.


    Who can post jobs?

    Posts can only be shared by individuals from within the organisation who have authority to submit the post, and who have a ThinkTank username (which is free is setup). Currently we will only allow posts from individuals within businesses. For now, posts shared by external recruiters and headhunters will not be accepted and their posts deleted.


    Disclaimer: Does the ThinkTank guarantee a number of clicks, inclusion in any particular newsletter or campaign?

    To job offerers: 3n Strategy and the HR Analytics ThinkTank cannot guarantee any number of clicks. We will do our best to promote your roles in our newsletters, social media feeds and anywhere we can however we offer no guarantees. We reserve the right to change our plans and activities at any time, including the right to change the job board or even remove it in the future.


    How do I post a job?

    Click here to get to the job board. Select the region you want to advertise in. Click "Add New Job".




    What jobs can be posted?

    As long as the job is in the sphere of people analytics, HR data, or closely related, you can post it.



    Why would I post my job on the ThinkTank's Job Board?

    As we see it, there are probably two mains reasons that you would post a job on the job board. Firstly, you want to share your job opportunity with the global people analytics community (lots of people visit our site, read our newsletter and so on). Secondly, you are willing to support our research as we try to answer questions about people analytics roles and skills, by letting us analyse the contents of your job specification - which of course you will be able to read about on the ThinkTank Research section.


    Is there a cost for sharing a job?

    There is no financial cost. In line with the HR Analytics ThinkTank's ethos is general, the 'trade' is that we will post and share the job opportunity in exchange for you contributing towards our research.


    How can I stay up to date with jobs being posted?

    We will be adding job information to the monthly ThinkTank newsletter, and sharing them on our Linkedin and Twitter pages.


    Who can see the job board?

    Anyone can view the job board. In terms of our community demographics, we have a global reach with people who are either working in HR and people analytics, or people who want to be. Some function leaders may wish to consider that thanks for our University efforts we have a strong student population in our networks.



    Will the ThinkTank or 3n Strategy share the job information with recruiters, or try to sell to us?

    We will not share your information with any recruiters or headhunters or interested parties. We only share our data with our research partners, and we only share aggregated insights with the industry in general. Whilst 3n Strategy provides consulting services within the HR and people analytics industry, neither 3n Strategy, the HR Analytics ThinkTank nor our partners have any services related to recruitment at the time of writing.


    However given that anyone can read the job posts, and everyone can see who the post came from, we cannot stop agencies reaching out to you via Linkedin. We recommend you consider posting on the job board in the same way you would consider considering sharing the role on your Linkedin.


    I have a suggestion for the job board. Who do I tell?

    Please email contact@3nstrategy.com if you have any questions or suggestions.

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