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    Feb 2024 Expert Speaker: Nick Hudgell, Global Head of People Analytics at Sanofi - Register Now

    The HR Analytics ThinkTank is thrilled to announce our second webinar of 2024 will feature Nick Hudgell (Global Head of People Analytics at Sanofi).


    On Tuesday, Feb 27th, Nick will discuss 'How To Build A People Analytics Team In 12 Months' (register here).


    What Will You Learn?


    This session is tailored to provide insights into the foundational steps, challenges, and strategies essential for building a functional analytics team within a year. You'll learn about key areas such as team formation, integration of analytics in HR, and managing stakeholder expectations. The webinar also covers how to address common challenges, including data privacy and ethical considerations. Ideal for HR professionals and People Analytics leaders, this webinar will offer a realistic and informative perspective on implementing and measuring the success of a People Analytics team in your organisation.



    The HR Analytics ThinkTank is proud to host Nick Hudgell and equally excited for our community to benefit from his expertise. This webinar is a testament to our commitment to bringing cutting-edge insights and practical knowledge to HR professionals worldwide.

    >>> Register For February's Webinar Here <<<

    Register now to secure your spot to learn, grow, and transform your approach to People Analytics team building and development.

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