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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    HR Analytics ThinkTank Benchmark 2020 Release

    Posted 3 months ago


    On 28 April, we will be releasing the latest set of HR and people analytics benchmarks by webinar. Anyone can register to attend the launch here, and if you are one of the benchmark participants, you get a free comparison of your responses versus the industry benchmarks by emailing us.

    When the HR Analytics ThinkTank first began in 2015, it began with a quantitative approach to analysing HR analytics functions. By analysing HR analytics functions through six areas of investment, could we assess the strengths and weaknesses of different functions? Could explain why some functions create different types of value? And could these insights help other functions accelerate their journey?

    During the webinar, we will cover some high level insights from the benchmark data, such as those below:

    1. How do the strengths and weaknesses of functions that create 'Descriptive' value differ from those creating 'Predictive' and 'Prescriptive' value?



    2. How long does it take to progress from creating descriptive to predictive/prescriptive value? 37 months on average.

    3. What areas of HR are functions working with? What types of data are they working with? Why these areas




    If you have participated in any of our research (not just the benchmarking), you are eligible to watch our webinar series featuring HR leaders sharing their stories and their benchmarking data sets. The next webinar featuring Ross Watkins from EDF Energy (please register here) and you can watch previous webinars with Nestle, Shell and more by clicking here.

    These analyses are now just part of the research that the ThinkTank conducts with our Academic partners, The University of Leeds and Utah State University. To take part in our benchmark or upcoming research projects, please complete this registration form.

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