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    March 2024 Expert Speaker: Matt Harrison, Head of People Analytics at Ericsson - Register Now

    The HR Analytics ThinkTank is thrilled to announce our third webinar of 2024 will feature Matt Harrison (Head of People Analytics Europe & Latin America at Ericsson).


    On Tuesday, March 26th, Matt will discuss 'How Ericsson Uses Historical Data To Remove The Guesswork From Talent' Acquisition (register here).


    What Will You Learn?


    Matt is known for his thoughtful approach to Talent Acquisition, focusing on the use of people analytics - and practical applications of it - to improve recruitment strategies. At Ericsson, his efforts have contributed positively to their internal processes, showcasing his knowledge and experience in the field, which he brings to this informative March session.


    The webinar will focus on how People Analytics leaders can:

    • Empower Recruiters: Matt will delve into how historical data can be used to empower recruiters, providing them with the tools and insights necessary to manage Hiring Manager expectations and drive efficient Talent Acquisition operations.
    • Enhance Team Dynamics: Attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of team dynamics in Talent Acquisition and how to keep them at the forefront of the Hiring Manager/Recruiter conversation.

    We at the HR Analytics ThinkTank are proud to host Matt Harrison and equally excited for our community to benefit from his expertise. This webinar is a testament to our commitment to bringing cutting-edge insights and practical knowledge to HR professionals worldwide.

    >>> Register For March's Webinar Here <<<

    Register now to secure your spot to learn, grow, and transform your approach to Talent Acquisition through the power of people analytics.


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