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    Nigel Dias

    London Meetup Blog - March: Structural Equation Modelling, ONA, Designing Models and Instragram

    Originally posted in 2019


    On the 18 March, our London HR and People Analytics community held its second meetup of the year. During this event our HR speakers, Dr Keith McNulty from McKinsey and Jared Valdron from Github, shared their experiences being technical leaders within the field. In our search for inspiration from other data industries, Dr @Merve Alanyali, Data Scientist at LV=, presented on her PhD using neural networks to predict wealth in London and New York using Instagram photos.

    Exploring the Edge of the People Analytics Universe with Keith McNulty
    Many people will recognise Keith McNulty (Global Head of People Measurement and Analytics @ McKinsey) as one of the thought leaders pushing the technical boundaries of the HR analytics space. In his talk, delivered with a Star Wars theme, he talked us through structural equation modelling and text analyses to pull out the themes of what characters talk about. He also added to the conversation that Kevin Metherell from Experian started in the January meetup by talking more about the uses of ONA in HR decision making.

    To watch the recording of Keith's presentation please click the image below or click here.



    People Analytics Through Organizational Change with Jared Valdron
    There is a temptation to assume that when you are the People Analytics lead for companies like McKinsey or Github, that you have an advantage because your audience is already data driven. In his talk, Jared took us through a variety of themes, from understanding and identifying variables to use in our modelling and why they the pros and cons of working in a data-driven organisation, telling stories about his experiences using (or not using) model and the actions they might drive.

    My favourite part of the talk was Jared's third talking point where he highlights that sometimes analysts can become attached to their models - but a good analyst will know when it is working, when it should be changed, and when it should be scrapped.

    To watch the recording of Jared's talk please click the image below or click here.




    Estimating Income Using Instagram Pictures
    Dr @Merve Alanyali joined us as our non-HR speaker, giving our predominantly HR data audience a glimpse of what other industries are doing in their analytics practices. During her PhD, Merve used a series of deep learning tools to parse millions of Instragram images.

    To watch the recording of Merve's presentation please click the image below or click here.




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