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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    March 2020: #PeopleAnalyticsMonth

    Posted 4 months ago


    Around the world meetups of HR and people analytics communities are forming. Led by independent community leaders from their local area, these grassroots communities meet to share industry experiences, stories and enthusiasm - as well as usually a drink and some food. The diversity of experience and knowledge in the room is often vast, ranging from industry veterans to newcomers, from technologists to HR generalists. Everyone is welcome.

    Since August, we have been signposting people towards these communities through our Global HR and People Analytics Meetup Map, and our Global Meetup Calendar. Now in March 2020, on behalf of the meetup organisers around the world, we invite you to find and celebrate these local people analytics communities as part of #PeopleAnalyticsMonth.

    What cities are taking part in #PeopleAnalyticsMonth? Where do I find out more?There are meetups taking place in cities around the world - not quite on every continent but we're getting there! Want to hear from some of the Meetup organisers themselves? Check out this video:

    For the full list of events and their registration details, please check out the Meetup calendar. If you want to be kept even more up to date on meetups and the HR Analytics ThinkTank research, please sign up to the newsletter.

    In short, the events taking place during March:

    • 26 February: Austin (Ethan Burris and Roxanne Laczo)
    • 3 March: Ireland/Limerick (Sarah Kieran and Maria Belizon), Mexico City (Federico Barco)
    • 4 March: Boston (Rob King)
    • 10 March: Sydney (Shahram Karimi)
    • 17 March: Amsterdam (Brydie Lear, Patrick Coolen, Marielle Sonnenberg), Auckland (Barbara Daxenberger), Barcelona (Marta Gascón Corella), Brisbane (Audrey Ciccone, Belinda Ellem), Buenos Aires (Sergio Garcia Mora, Lucila Baus, Pablo Senra and Patricia Hartvig), Chicago (Alina Guarise), South Cali/Irvine (Mei Kim), London (Nigel Dias), Los Angeles (Hayden Balow), Madrid (Delia Majarín), Munich (David Shontz), New York (Stela Lupushor, Jeremy Shapiro), Salt Lake City (Chris Taulbee), Sofia (Yanitsa Ilieva), Switzerland/St Moritz (Andrew Marritt)
    • 18 March: Belgrade (Maja Ninkovic)
    • 24 March: Melbourne (Roel van Etten)
    • 26 March: San Francisco (Annika Schultz, Ben Teusch)
    • 31 March: Minneapolis (Kelli Gochenaur)

    There isn't a meetup in my area - what do I do?Each Meetup is run by an independent organiser, who decided to start their community and run their own events. If there isn't a meetup in your area, you have two choices: 1) You wait for someone else to start a meetup in your city or 2) You start the meetup in your area.

    If you would like to start a group, you won't be alone - you can join the Meetup Organiser Group, you can use our How to Run a Meetup Guide, and you can attend our regular calls on running Meetups. To start your own meetup and get involved, please complete this form.

    Hopefully see you at an HR and People Analytics Meetup soon.


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