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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    Research Invitation: How is HR Analytics Helping Decision Making during the COVID-19 Crisis?

    Posted 3 months ago


    Right now, businesses are making some of the most important decisions they will ever have to make, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Most of these decisions have 'people' at their heart: How do we keep our workforce operating during COVID-19? How can we keep our people safe?

    As they make these decisions, they are turning to the teams who can provide them with the facts and evidence to make better choices about the future. Whether that team is called the HR Analytics, People Analytics, Workforce Analytics or HR Reporting teams, these are the professionals empowering HR and business leaders make better decisions about their people during this stressful time.

    How are HR analytics teams helping decision-making during the COVID-19 crisis? Over the next week, the HR Analytics ThinkTank, led by myself (@Nigel Dias), Assistant Professor @Mike Ulrich (Utah State University) and Professor @Andy Charlwood (University of Leeds) will be conducting a short study answering the following questions:

    • What value is HR Analytics (HRA) creating during the COVID-19 crisis?
    • What obstacles are stopping HRA teams from creating value during the COVID-19 crisis?
    • What questions/decisions are HRA teams helping their businesses to answer during the COVID-19 crisis?

    We invite all HR analytics practitioners to participate before Sunday 29 March. The results will shared at an open webinar on Tuesday 31 March (4pm CET, 3pm UK, 11am EST, 10am CST, 8am PST). Anyone should feel free to attend. If you miss the webinar, a blog post and recording will be made available.

    CALL TO ACTION: Next Steps to Take Part and Register for Webinar

    • To participate in the research, please click here.
    • To sign up for the webinar, please click here.
    • To sign up to the ThinkTank newsletter to receive the recording by joining the Forum.

    How were HR Analytics functions doing absence analytics in 2019?
    The HR Analytics ThinkTank research has been measuring and tracking how HR analytics functions grow for over 5 years. Throughout that time, we have measured how people analytics functions develop strengths and weaknesses across six key categories, and the impact they have on their businesses.

    In addition to this, we track the types of analytics they are doing, and the areas of HR they are operating in. In 2019, 67% of the HR analytics functions that participants in the ThinkTank’s research said they were conducting analyses of absence data.



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