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  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias

    The HR Analytics ThinkTank in 2020/21

    Posted 2 months ago


    Thank you to everyone who has supported the ThinkTank over the last year, joining us on our mission to analyse and share insights about the evolving practices of HR analytics. By continuing to share your time and experiences with our researchers, you are supporting the production of research that is improving the practice of analytics in HR.

    As we look forward to an uncertain year, organisations will be put under more pressure to make decisions about their workforces, and how business is delivered. This will put more pressure on analytics teams to provide HR and business leaders with the evidence they need to make those decisions better.

    It is a renewed focus and energy that the ThinkTank will continue to play its part, sharing quality insights and evidence so that organisations can make better decisions about the way they invest in their analytics teams and the value they create, and so that analytics professionals can make better decisions about their own careers.

    Below, you can read about the ThinkTank's research and activities this year. We hope you will continue to support our industry analyses, and continue to access our free online community papers, blogs, webinars and recordings.

    Announcement: New Leadership Board
    I am happy to announce that alongside myself, our research will continue to be delivered in partnership with the University of Leeds, led by Professor Andy Charlwood, and Utah State University, led by Assistant Professor Mike Ulrich. As always, we hope that by ensuring an academic quality to our research, we can guarantee a quality to our outputs, whilst supporting the formal analysis and documentation of the industry.



    Since 2015, we have striven to ensure a level of practicality to the ThinkTank's research, so that our community can use our evidence to take action. This year we have decided to go one step further, inviting a group of industry leaders to help guide our research and advise us over the next year. We are delighted to announce our new Board of Practitioners, Angela Ignam (Aviva), Brydie Lear (GSK), Salvador Malo (Microsoft), Jordan Pettman (Nestle), Jeremy Shapiro (Merck) and David Shontz (Nokia) to the ThinkTank team.




    Research in 2020/21
    Over the next 12 months, we will be inviting our community to participate in four different research projects. To register for the research, please complete this form [https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HRAThinkTank].

    Key Reports:
    1. How do you successfully build and grow a HR Analytics Function? An industry analysis exploring how different organisations are investing in their functions, and the value those create over time. Please see the ThinkTank Benchmarks (below) and also the 2018 version of this report [https://www.forum.hranalyticsthinktank.com/discussion/69/report-how-do-organisations-successfully-build-hr-analytics-functions].
    2. How can HR professionals make better decisions? A detailed analysis of the way HR professionals are making decisions, and how HR analytics teams can best provide them with the evidence they need.
    3. What does HR analytics career paths look like? The report looking at the pathways that lead to analytics, the emerging career paths within the function, and what professionals go on to do next.
    4. How are HR Analytics functions answering this year's top 3 questions? A technical approach, exploring how different analytics teams are analysing the same problem in different ways.

    Additional studies will be conducted throughout the year, including the next steps of 'How are HR analytics adding value to decision-making during the COVID-19 Crisis?'.

    Assess and Benchmark Your HR Analytics Function
    Earlier this week, we released the 2020 benchmarking set, providing a quantitative analysis of HR analytics functions and the industry as a whole. As always, the benchmarks provide a different insight into HR analytics functions. Using thousands of data points, we attempt to answer questions such as: What are the different types of HR analytics function? What is the difference between a function that can create description value vs prescriptive value? How long does the journey take? Are some areas of HR easier to analyse than others?

    If you have taken part in the research and would like your personalised benchmark report, please email us. If you missed the benchmark session, please sign up to the ThinkTank newsletter to read the written report when it is shared.


    Community Support: Webinars and Events
    From this month, we will begin the begin our monthly webinar series featuring HR analytics leaders sharing their stories with the ThinkTank community. As with the previous segments featuring Nestle, Experian and others the webinars try to take a practical angle, and share addition data about the functions unique to the ThinkTank. If you are a research participant, please join us.

    Finally, we continue to provide general support to Meetup communities around the world. These groups - all of which are independent of the ThinkTank - can be found on the Global Meetup Map and upcoming sessions can be found on the Forum's Calendar page. We also continue to provide free resources and training to anyone who wants to setup a Meetup in their area. If you want to start a meetup in your area, or if you want to find your local community of practitioners, please get in touch.



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