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  • Frequently Asked Questions about the HR Analytics ThinkTank


    1. Is the research access really free?

    There are no financial costs for accessing ThinkTank content. The only "cost" to access some Members Only content (such as the Reports and Webinars) is asking you to spend some time to share your experiences with our researchers. 


    2. What research are you working on right now?

    All current research projects are listed here.


    3. If I participate, will the ThinkTank (or any of the ThinkTank partners) use my name or my companies name in any reports or publications?

    The ThinkTank will never disclose your personal participation or your companies participation in research without your permission. 


    4. How do I register for the HR Analytics ThinkTank mailing list?

    Please click here.


    5. What is my research responses used for?

    Your responses and information is stored and used for research purposes associated with the HR Analytics ThinkTank research.


    6. Who pays for the HR Analytics ThinkTank and why does 3n Strategy pay for this research?

    All costs associated with the HR Analytics ThinkTank is paid for by 3n Strategy and its partners. In 2015, 3n Strategy committed to re-investing a percentage of its revenue stream into research and community development. The ThinkTank allows us to make evidence-based cutting-edge recommendations to our customers in addition to recommendations based on our experience, whilst helping us to achieve our overall goal: To improve the way organisations make decisions about its people.


    7. Who is 3n Strategy?

    Please see the About Us page.


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