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Meet the Meetup: Ireland

Nigel Dias


Meetup Details

Meetup Name: Philadelphia People Analytics Meetup

Location: Dublin and Limerick, Ireland

Meetup Organisers: @Maria Belizon, @Sarah Kieran

Inaugural Meetup: 2019



Tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you and what do you do? 

HR Analytics Ireland was founded by Dr. Maria Belizon of Smurfit Business School in University College Dublin with Dr. Sarah Kieran of the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. Both are academics in the area of HRM, Maria and Sarah had been researching various aspects of People and HR Analytics among Data Science and HR Professionals so it was a natural next step to create a community of practice.



Why do people attend your meetup? What do you hope your community gets out of the sessions?

HR Analytics Ireland is a knowledge-sharing and education community for people and companies just starting on their HR Analytics journey and those already involved: HR Analytics Leads, HR data analysts/Scientists, HR professionals, HR Data content creators and HR Data Analytics educators and vendors. It is the first HR Analytics forum of HR Analytics in Ireland where professionals can share their ideas, concerns and best practice. Our work is possible thanks to an academic-business partnership with the Irish Centre of Business Excellence (ICBE) / ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet. The community has grown in the last two years with and, with the support and funding by the Irish Centre for Business Excellence, we now have around 260 practitioners, representing a broad range of industry sectors, coming together two or three times each year. Meetups have covered topics such as the evolution of HR Analytics across different sectors, the role of analytics in talent and performance management and the development of a model of employee engagement to mention just a few highlights. More recently, we explored the use of HR Analytics in guiding organisational responses to and management of the Covid 19 pandemic. There is a great energy and openness to knowledge sharing and transfer among this community.


Engaging in the broader HR Analytics Think Tank and ‘meetup’ ecosystem has also been very rewarding, offering an international perspective and an opportunity to see how different sectors experience their analytics journey.


As the community goes from strength to strength we look forward to continued engagement with our international network.





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