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    Nigel Dias

    Career Paths in HR Analytics with Jordan Pettman from Nestle and Mike Ulrich from Utah State University - London Meetup

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    To conclude a successful People Analytics Month, the London Meetup Group gathered virtually on the 30th of April to discuss the first topic of Career Paths in HR Analytics led by @Mike Ulrich @Jordan Pettman and myself. Initial focus was placed on the Career Path in HR Analytics Report with discussion on the types of participants within the study and general profiles of participant backgrounds. The discussion was then narrowed down to more niche topics such as what HR professionals do next and what we can tell about HR leaders, from the study results. Discussion was then opened up to the group with many contributions from attendees.


    Key topics of discussion included

    • What do HR Professionals do before a career in HR analytics
    • What kind of roles do they undertake during their time in analytics 
    • What do HR professionals go on to do after a career in analytics 


    Then our guest speaker Gigi Oliver, from the FCA gave a short presentation on cognitive diversity within analytics. Looking at the important of diversity in data with brief discussion on AI and the issues of diversity within algorithms.

    There was also time for networking where our attendees, from all walks of HR, were able to connect and share their own experiences within the industry. We’re glad that London meetup group is still so engaged, even in a virtual setting! We’re looking forward to our next session in July.



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    Date Published: 03/30/2021

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    • 19 May 2021
      Its the time again! The Birmingham People Analytics Meetup are meeting again in May. The date is 19th May 2021 at 6pm 🙂 via Zoom. It would be great to see you all there who are interested in People Analytics and the future of work. We will be discussing a big topic around Data Engineering! Max Blumberg and Alessandro Linari will be discussing this important topic.
      We have so much data but where do we put it!? how can we organise it!? this not only has been a problem for people in People Analytics but i believe it sure is a problem in HR too. If you want to join please follow the link below:
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