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Getting started with Organizational Network Analysis - in French


Genevieve Barrette
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Description of the Quebec community

The HR analytics community in Quebec has around 50 members who share a keen interest in employee data as an organizational decision-making driver. Set up in 2016, the purpose of this community is to:

1.     Co-develop Quebec professionals in HR analytics

2.     Share innovative ideas and analytics practices

3.     Network among HR analytics enthusiasts

Participants work in companies, as consultants or university researchers.

Meetings are held in French in a relaxed setting that fosters dialogue. They are led by:

Andrée Laforge, Vice-President – Employee Experience and Product Lead, HR Analytics, Kara

Geneviève Barrette, Senior Manager Employee Analytics and Business Strategy, Employee Experience, National Bank of Canada

In this meeting, National Bank’s Advanced Analytics team will give a presentation on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA):

 o   What is ONA?

o   What data can we use?

o   What analyses are possible and what are they used for?

o   Ethical considerations and technical challenges

o   Current investigations at National Bank

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a cutting-edge employee analytics approach. It helps you understand the dynamics of personnel interaction by combining data science with more generalized practices.  Relational data provides a wealth of information that can support many initiatives such as identifying key influencers in the organization, assessing the success of diversity and inclusion programs, reinforcing employee networks, analyzing the effectiveness of collaboration initiatives by increasing interactions among sectors, improving our understanding of how the network of remote workers is evolving compared to workers in the office working in a hybrid mode, etc. Join Jonathan Mubayed, Geneviève Barrette and Catherine Liepins as they present developing ONA projects at National Bank to design dynamic office neighbourhoods for the new smart head office and measure the success of new synergy-based sales strategies, and much more!


TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT: https://www.kararh.com/event-details/communaute-pratique-analytique

Edited by Genevieve Barrette

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