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HR Analytics ThinkTank Presents: How To Build A People Analytics Team In 12 Months (Sanofi Case Study)


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One of the benefits of taking part in the HR Analytics ThinkTank research is gaining free access to our exclusive ThinkTank webinars.


On Tuesday 27th February, join our expert speaker, Nick Hudgell, Global Head of People Analytics at Sanofi, as he recounts the challenges and triumphs of his first year building a new People Analytics team at the global healthcare and pharmaceutical company.


In particular, Hudgell will cover:


  • Establishing the Foundations: Nick will share insights on the initial steps and strategies for building a People Analytics team from the ground up. This includes identifying core objectives, recruiting the right talent, and setting up essential processes and frameworks within Sanofi.

  • Overcoming Challenges and Implementing Solutions: He will discuss the various challenges faced during the first year, such as integrating analytics into existing HR systems, securing stakeholder buy-in, and managing data privacy and ethical considerations. Hudgell will also highlight the innovative solutions and approaches his team employed to address these challenges.

  • Measuring Success and Planning for the Future: The webinar will conclude with a review of the key successes and impacts of the newly established People Analytics team on Sanofi's overall HR strategy. Hudgell will also outline future plans and visions for the continued evolution and influence of People Analytics in driving organizational decisions and employee engagement at Sanofi.


To register for February's webinar please click here.

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