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    Nigel Dias

    What Happened During People Analytics Month?

    How do we begin to round up such an inspiring month of key discussions, hours of networking and amazing presentations? It is only right to start with a huge thank you! Thank you to everyone who took the time out to get involved in #PeopleAnalyticsMonth2021. From the ThinkTank meetup organizers, to attendees, to the stable wifi that has managed to pull us though this strange year, we say thank you!It’s not always easy to connect in the virtual world, many of us have felt fatigued from the constant screen time. So it is always lovely when you, HR enthusiasts, still take the time to attend meetups from all around the world.

    There were an amazing 13 meetups hosted this year, from across 7 different time zones! All discussing the most up and coming key topics within the industry, such as;

    ·        Data Visualization

    ·        Insights

    ·        Data Story-telling

    ·        Career Paths in HR and People Analytics

    ·        Data Engineering

    ·        Diversity and Inclusion 

    ·        Change Management


    What happened during People Analytics month?


    To kick off the month, the Chicagoland  group hosted by @Alina Guarise, organised a discussion on harmonizing datasets with HR leader @Janelle Ketterer. Setting the precedent for the following weeks where @Mei Kim LA Meetup, from the South California meetup, hosted discussion on Human Capital reporting and @Marta Gascon from the Spain meetup, looked at how to visualize Human Resources data on a dashboard using PowerBI. These are only a handful of some amazing presentations that were held throughout the month.


    You can access all of the People Analytics Month meetup write- ups through our Community Content Library


    Why does the HR Analytics ThinkTank want to grow the grassroots HR and people analytics community?


    The HR Analytics Think Tank is a community of meetup organisers with a love for HR analytics.


    At the Think Tank, we believe that creating a space for analytics enthusiasts to come together, makes room for innovative and pioneering discussion. The meetup organisers have created their own communities around the world and we think this deserves to be celebrated. The organisers do amazing work that this platform allows them to share it with a wider audience. People Analytics Month is a way to showcase all the organisers efforts, on an international stage and in turn they can help to build their communities even further.


    In the ThinkTank’s Career Pathing research we saw that people join the HR analytics professional from many different ways of life – in fact on 58% of practicians had an HR background, and of those 71% were from non-HR systems backgrounds. We also saw that there were 7 different types of skills relevant to the practice of HR analytics. For us, by bringing together people with most diversity of mind and experience will not only help HR to continue embracing data-driven HR practices but also drive innovation in the field too.


    To be able to create a space where HR data enthusiasts are able to gather, learn and share the knowledge they have learned at meetups is a key step to embedding HR analytics into the mainstream HR practice.


    Next Steps: Join your local People Analytics meetup or Start Your Own


    Find your nearest meetup group and their profiles through our Global Meet Up Map. You can also find all of the upcoming meetups in our Calendar and book your place too.


    Feeling inspired to start your meetup? We are always welcoming new organisers who are keen to create their own communities. Come along to our quarterly “How To Start a Meetup” sessions to run through our step-by-step process and ask any questions you have. You can then work through our comprehensive “How To Start A Meetup” guide that can take you from planning to fully form meetup in 6 steps.



    Access our guides for physical and virtual meetups here


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