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GUIDE: How to run an HR and People Analytics Meetup Group (Physical Event)

Nigel Dias



Posted in September 2019 on the original ThinkTank forum.


Starting and successfully growing an HR and People Analytics meetup community isn't easy, but maybe we can make it a bit easier. This guide will hopefully be a living document, growing as more meetup organisers around the world contribute to it. For now, it is based on the London HR and People Analytics group - here is our overview video, and here are some recordings from our sessions.

The six steps below contains the steps we take when we run a meetup, and also contain the support that we - 3n Strategy, our university partners, and the HR Analytics ThinkTank community - can provide you with (for free).

Before you start though, we recommend you take the following steps:
1. Register your meetup here for regular updates and to be listed on the Global HR and People Analytics Meetup Map.
2. Join the HR and People Analytics Meetup Organiser group on Linkedin.


How to Run an HR and People Analytics Meetup




Relevant Links:




Relevant Links:

  • Need sponsorship? Maybe we can sponsor, or put you in touch with someone who can. Please email contact@3nstrategy.com.
  • Need help finding a venue? Maybe we can help, or someone in our network can help. Please post in the Linkedin group or email contact@3nstrategy.com.




Relevant Links:

  • Can't find a speaker? Maybe someone in the Linkedin organiser group knows? Or we can check the global ThinkTank Community and put you in touch with someone if we can. Please post here, or in the group or message contact@3nstrategy.com.
  • Can't think of a topic? Join the Organiser calls and brainstorm topics with other organisers. Also from October the ThinkTank will share (at least) one case study or report that organisers can share with their communities.




Relevant Links:

  • List your event on the Forum's Global Meetup Calendar and we will include it on all our newsletters and on our social media feeds.




Relevant Links:

  • Check the Meetup Resource Pages for support materials.
  • Ask the Linkedin organiser group for ideas on how to open and run your meetups.



  • Share your videos and content with the global community (and help us drive innovation in HR and People Analytics).
  • Post blogs and insights that we can share with academic researchers and with the global community.

Think something is missing? Have any ideas? Want to write your own guide? We'd be happy to share it, so please get in touch.



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