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About this blog

These blogs are dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience and ideas about running HR and people analytics meetups in both a physical and virtual world.


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GUIDE: How To Run a *Virtual* HR and People Analytics Meetup

In September last year, I write a guide for How to Run an HR and People Analytics meetup. In those pre-COVID19 days, the guide was really talking about in-person events when we could come within 2 metres of each other and most of us had probably never worn a face mask. Like everything else meetups have gone digital. Since March, HR and people analytics meetup organisers around the world have been experimenting with ways of taking our communities digital.   It has been a learning journe

Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias

GUIDE: How to run an HR and People Analytics Meetup Group (Physical Event)

Posted in September 2019 on the original ThinkTank forum.   Starting and successfully growing an HR and People Analytics meetup community isn't easy, but maybe we can make it a bit easier. This guide will hopefully be a living document, growing as more meetup organisers around the world contribute to it. For now, it is based on the London HR and People Analytics group - here is our overview video, and here are some recordings from our sessions.The six steps below contains the steps we

Nigel Dias

Nigel Dias

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