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    Nigel Dias

    Find your local meetup community during #PeopleAnalyticsMonth (March 2021)

    In March 2021, HR and People Analytics organisers around the world are bringing their communities together as part of #PeopleAnalyticsMonth. With the same intent as last year's month our aim is to celebrate grassroots HR and people analytics meetup groups. We invite you to find and join a local/virtual community during the month.


    To see the current event schedule (more are being added as we speak), please check out the calendar.




    What is #PeopleAnalyticsMonth?
    Throughout the year meetup organisers around the world bring their communities together, usually for social gatherings or to hear semi-formal presentations. #PeopleAnalyticsMonth is a month where different meetup groups collaborate to all organise an event in a single more and hopefully raise the profile for our communities and events.


    Historic Note: Read the preview to the 2020 #PeopleAnalyticsMonth, before COVID swept across the world!




    I'm new to this - what is a Meetup?
    To see a previous article I wrote on meetups, please click here.


    Meetups are gatherings of individuals interested in a particular topic - in this case, the use of analytics in HR. They can be anything from a social event to a semi-formal set of presentations. During #PeopleAnalyticsMonth you can experience the full spectrum - check out the calendar of events here.



    Who organises Meetups?
    Every meetup is run by an independent organiser, or team of organisers. They are a diverse bunch - some are industry veterans, whilst some are completely new; some are expert meetup organisers and some have never organised an event before... The only traits I can identify is that they are all enthusiastic, super friendly, energetic and organised - and all are passionate about bringing community together.


    We are building a new 'Meet the Meetup' section to our site. Check it out here.





    I run a meetup but didn't know about #PeopleAnalyticsMonth - can our community still be involved?
    Of course you can! We do our best to meet and invite any meetup organiser into our group but it can be hard. We will promote any HR or people analytics meetup in the world (unless it is secretly a sales event) - you just have to add the event to our calendar here.


    If you want the HR Analytics ThinkTank to promote your events, to join our quarterly Meetup organiser calls, access our free resources or anything else, please message me or complete this form.




    How can I start a Meetup in my area? Can I get help?
    Anyone can create a meetup group - you just need to got www.meetup.com and get started. If you would like some help though, we've created a lot free resources to help you get going. These include:

    • Providing free training for how to run a meetup
    • Promoting any meetup on our newsletter and site for free
    • Free access to decks and templates
    • Free access to our database of speakers (see below)
    • Organising things like #PeopleAnalyticsMonth
    • Inviting you to the Meetup Organiser group on Linkedin

    If you have any questions, please email contact@3nstrategy.com.





    I would like to speak at a Meetup. Can you connect me to Meetup Organisers?
    If you have a story to tell the meetup world, you can add your details to this speaker database. We let Meetup organisers use the database to find speakers if they need help.


    Read the original article looking for Meetup Speakers.


    If you would like to find out more about #PeopleAnalyticsMonth please click here.

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