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  • #PeopleAnalyticsMonth is back for March 2022!


    #PeopleAnalyticsMonth is a celebration of grassroots HR and people analytics communities from around the world. They are a source of community, of learning, and contain the spark of energy and enthusiasm that drives innovation. We invite you to find your local community during March 2022!


    Around the world, grassroots communities of HR and people analytics enthusiasts are coming together to share stories and knowledge about data-driven HR. As people analytics becomes more and more important to HR functions, these local meetups continue to thrive. Are you looking to meet other analytics practitioners? Hear interesting stories? Be inspired by the stories of others?


    Find your local community today.


  • #PeopleAnalyticsMonth Meetups - Find your community this month!


    Here are some of the events taking place in March 2022:

  • No meetup in your city - want to start your own community?


    Don't worry, if you want to start a meetup in your city, you are not alone! We want a meetup community to exist in every city in the world, so we run monthly sessions on how to run a meetup, we have written guides for how to run a meetup including adapting it into a guide for virtual meetups. We also support all meetups (for free) by sharing and promoting their events, bringing them together on quarterly calls, giving them free access to our speaker database, and much more. 


    To join our next Introduction to HR and People Analytics Meetup session, please complete this form.

  • Would you like to speak at a meetup?


    Meetup organisers are always looking for speakers to present at their sessions. You don't need to be a senior leader, or a data scientist, a technology genius or otherwise. Most meetup organisers choose people who have an interesting story to hear. 


    To help Meetup organisers find people with interesting stories, we have been building a massive database of speakers from around the world. To add your name to the database, please complete this form.

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