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    Nigel Dias

    Report Launch: Nailing the Landing - Preparing for the New Normal

    'Landing the New Normal' is free and available for anyone to download.


    In April we ran a short study looking at how HR and people analytics functions were operating during the early phases of the COVID19 crisis. In May, we built on these foundations to explore the decisions organisations were making as they began to adapt for the 'New Normal' - and how HR and people analytics teams were adding value to these decisions.


    The report, written by @Megan Marie Butler, @Andy Charlwood @Jordan Pettman, @David Shontz, @Mike Ulrich and @Nigel Dias is free and available for download by clicking here or the image below.


    Nailing the Landing




    Highlights from the Report


    From the foreword written by Jordan Pettman:



    As we prepared for this second round of research, I was really interested to learn how the work of these same teams has evolved across the last several weeks and what businesses have asked for help to understand. As well, what challenges have HR analytics teams overcome to continue to partner with their business leaders ever more effectively and flexibly as the continually changing landscape drives the need for agile, and on time insights that drive business outcomes and positive employee experiences.



    From the Executive summary:



    By breaking down the four phases of the crisis, as inspired by Nike’s CEO John Donahoe, we explored the workforce decisions that organisations were making as they transitioned from Containment to Recovery through to Normalisation. The findings support recommendations organisations enter the final stage, Returning to Business as Usual (BAU) (see page 7). The averages of the responses (mean 2.6) demonstrated that most businesses found themselves at the top of the wave, excluding a few that were battling on the frontline or were minimally impacted.



    What who are HR and People Analytics providing analytics to?





    What type of analytics are functions doing to help decision-makers?





    Edited by Nigel Dias

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