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    The HR Analytics ThinkTank is dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based insights to enhance and develop the practice of HR and people analytics, and better understand how evidence-based HR decision-making can be applied within organisations around the world. The ThinkTank's overall strategy and research development is led by the ThinkTank's Chair and Founder, @Nigel Dias, and a board of academic leaders, @Andy Charlwood, @Mike Ulrich and @Maria Belizon. We work to ensure our research is conducted to a high, evidence-based standard and that our community is engaged.


    In 2020, the HR Analytics ThinkTank expanded its leadership team inviting industry practitioners to supplement the research and analysis of the core Academic research team. The Board of Practitioners is made of up industry leaders representing a wide spectrum of thought leadership in the practice of HR analytics. Each Board position is invited to take the voluntary position for a period of 12 months, and to add a practical industry perspective to our research strategy and the reports we produce.


    The 2020 Board is as follows:


    New Board Image.png


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